For many years, artist and author of the popular webzone "MSPaint Adventures", Andrew Hussie (pictured below, eating canned bread), has been forging signed photographs of Nicolas Cage.

andrew hussie eating canned bread

"What's the problem?" you may ask.

The problem is that his sales are being undercut by notorious BAD forger Ryan North, creator of "Dinosaur Comics" and serial Canadian, who is selling a range of "Nicolas Cage Signed Photographs Forged By Andrew Hussie", forged by HIMSELF!

For an example of North's character, here is a completely legitimate "Dinosaur Comic" that I did not create myself:

I trust you both see what I mean and agree with me completely.

As we have now developed a bond of trust here, I know that no proof is necessary to show you that Ryan North is a heinous cad, but because I am not in the habit of SLANDERING people I will provide the proof I have collated in good faith that my word will not be questioned!

First, we have this photograph of Hussie, with some of the top quality forgeries he sells on his Etsy page "Nicolas Cage Signed Photographs Forged By Andrew Hussie" (left) and a close-up of one of the signatures he has lovingly crafted using the powerful skills he developed in the several years he spent wandering barefoot across New England (right).

Now, compare the authentic forgeries above to the following ones, forged by Ryan North:

THis one is just written with the pencil tool in an image editor "Nice Cag" isn't even spelled correbtly

and most damning of all...

this one is just a photograph of Nick Offerman as "Ron Weasley" from hit television show "The Parks are Recreating", with the name "Luke Cage" written on it in cursive. Luke Cage isn't even a real person.

WHat can we do about this?

I urge you all to sign this petition to have Ryan North the Canadian evaculated from the bowels of the earth.

UPDATE: Ryan North confirmed this hoax true in this tweet. Check and mate, atheists.